Paderborn – After four unbeaten games in series football third division FSV Zwickau has again suffered a defeat.

The team of coach Torsten Ziegner lost on Saturday at leaders SC Paderborn 0-2 (0-0). In front of 6,208 spectators Sven Michel (59.) and Philipp Tietz scored in the third minute of stoppage time.

The FSV presented itself aggressively from the beginning in the duels and also searched repeatedly the way to the gate. A shot from 18 meters from Bentley Baxter Bahn flew over the box (12), after a pass from Mike Könnecke missed Fabian Eisele and Ronny King in the center just barely the lead (36). The SCP had a hard time, only two chances before the break.

The better start into the second round caught again the Zwickauer. König failed by low shot (46th) and Eisele with a header to SCP goalkeeper Leopold Zingerle (50th).

On the other hand, Michel managed the lead after a corner by volley. In the closing stages of the FSV pressed for equalizer, but both Daniel Gremsl and Christian Mauersberger in the relegation (79) did not bring the ball for goal.


March 19, 2018

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