His historic agent, Silvano Martina, attended AS. He confesses that Madrid also tried: “We had a meeting with Bronzetti, Florentino’s intimate, in 2005.”

Tonight could be the last game in the Champions League of Gigi Buffon, the only title that still resists him. And that was close to him three times, in the lost finals of Manchester, Berlin and Cardiff. A curse that does not harm his legend, as AS tells his historic agent Silvano Martina: “He has been the best goalkeeper of all time, nobody has endured at his level for 25 years. His greatness is not measured by titles. ”

The story of Buffon and Martina begins when Gigi played in the Parma youth academy: “I met him and he told me that the first match he saw in Serie A was from Genoa, with me in the goal. We never separate. ” After his trip to Parma, Buffon put on the Bianconera shirt. It was a step away from LaLiga: “Barcelona had signed him, he already had the agreement with Parma. Then the Juve appeared and Gigi did not think twice, “confesses Martina. And a year later, Madrid also tried: “We had a match with Bronzetti, Florentino’s intimate, after a Juve-Real Madrid in 2005. The targets were interested, but never came to negotiate.”

A love for the Vecchia Signora that did not affect the Calciopoli scandal: “He lifted the World Cup and a couple of weeks later he made his debut in Serie B, and that was not without offers. He told me: ‘La Juve made me rich and famous, I owe him a lot.’ A decision that, perhaps, cost him the Ball of Gold 2006: “Playing in second hurt him. And I think I deserved it in 2003 too. ” Now, with 40 years, the moment of goodbye is approaching. There is still no date, but Martina has no doubts: “The decision will come soon. Whatever he does next, he will continue to triumph. “


April 11, 2018

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