Enis Bardhi is one of the men Paco López has recovered. The Macedonian is again important in the Levant. Confidence based on minutes and goals have served to recover the best version of the attacker arrived last summer. Bardhi now points to Barcelona.
On Sunday, the LaLiga champion arrives at the Ciutat but Bardhi hopes to be able to hurt the Valverde team and prolong the incredible streak of four consecutive victories: “We have shown with confidence that we can win anyone, we have time to prepare the match and we are going to go with everything, we’re going to give everything to get something positive. “

We will go with everything and we will give everything to get something positive ”

The Macedonian highlighted the confidence recovered in the radical change offered by the team to achieve the goal of permanence: “We are the same players as before but we have changed the chip and we have changed the head and confidence in the whole team. very important and with Paco that gives us many points, we have a lot of quality, we just needed a little help. ”

Confidence is very important and with Paco that gives us many points ”

The news of the week is undoubtedly the continuity of Paco López leading the team, Bardhi highlights the role played by the coach since his arrival: “We are very happy because it helped us a lot when the dressing room was very bad and now that we have achieved the objective, we think only of being another year in LaLiga “.

The five goals of lack of Bardhi do not go unnoticed and is the second top scorer of direct free-kicks behind Messi. The ’10’ granota does not hide the satisfaction for the aim shown: “I am very happy for the goals of absence, the best thing about me is to throw the ball and I am very happy to help score points but without my teammates I could not score as many goals “.

Hallway to the champion

Levante will comply with tradition and honor Barcelona. For the entity of Orriols there is no possible controversy and will make the hall for the attainment of the league title Ernesto Valverde team. Levante footballers will receive the Barça team at the start of the game as a sign of congratulations and respect for the champion.

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May 10, 2018

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