The president of Betis, Ángel Haro, was the protagonist last night at the microphones of Canal Sur Radio, where he analyzed the success achieved by his team returning five years later to European competitions, as well as various aspects related to the current affairs of the club.

A work of many months: “If you look back we have had difficult times, I want to thank those who trusted in the project, this season we had a blip in November but there was confidence, in the past they were hard”.

New challenges for the future: “Now we have to consider new challenges, it’s been more than two years and we have to keep growing, with humility, the future looks good, and we propose that Betis must be fighting for Europe. this year they are increasing the budget, Betis has to keep growing “.

His most immediate objectives: “I would like the team to continue as a stable club, that the Béticos feel proud of their team and their leaders, we are going to work together, we have to grow and not take false steps”.

Investment in signings: “We have to have economic stability and not do crazy things, we are the fourth club in Spain in subscribers, but not in budget, it is necessary to have resources, but later you can make mistakes in the planning. I can be in Europe and in the Champions League, we will not have to make a revolution in the squad, we can plan as less haste, so that what comes is more selected “.

How the team faces the next derby: “We arrived in great conditions, the two hobbies are looking forward to the game”.

Caparrós, on the bench: “I do not care who comes in. I’m very respectful with Sevilla, for me, Betis is the best team in the world.”

Works of the rostrum of preference: “We would like it, but we have to spend two or three years in Europe and finance this work in the long term, so as not to burden the balance with important debts”.

Basketball team: “We have not competed well for two years, I would have liked more support, if there is a descent, we will do everything we can to get there as soon as possible, the basketball team, as a brand, benefits us”.


May 3, 2018

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