Through publication in the social network Facebook, Bruno de Carvalho confirmed that he was constituted defendant in a process of defamation, brought by João Pedro Paiva dos Santos. The president of Sporting also said that he was not surprised, even because he says that he has already been in this condition “dozens of times, with whistleblowers / assistants always lost.”

Here is the publication of Bruno de Carvalho:

“I went to DIAP, it’s true, but I was not surprised that he was being charged. I already knew what was going on. In fact, I have been constituted at least a dozen times, and the denouncers / assistants have always been lost.

In this case, and I speak for being already public (it must have been by email …), that João Pedro Paiva dos Santos, the one who denied having sent emails (with all the confidential letters that he exchanged with the SAD CFD) for Pedro Guerra , and then confirmed by stressing that “he was free to send emails to anyone,” he decided, with the sponsorship of the law firm of Carlos Barbosa da Cruz (who would say), put me on a personal loss of life placed in a post an email between him and Pedro Guerra that was already public and that circulated everywhere), and of defamation because he said that he belonged to “a small fringe of hybrid sportinguistas” that “put their personal interests above those of the Club”. This process will end with the completion of the disciplinary process, which was already under way, on his expulsion or not of his partner, and on the fact that we have brought a case against him and his representatives for libelous denunciation. Once again, a news of the trick that only serves to try to put me at the level of the bullshit … Sand to the eyes of the people … »

Bruno de Carvalho also took the opportunity to react to the latest statements by Pedro Madeira Rodrigues, his opponent in the last elections in the club, shooting: “I’m sorry. In fact, one more case in which the Government and the Holy House should intervene, because we have a duty to help all the unemployed. He needs the help of everyone, and it can not be just Cofina and the newspaper the Game to help … »


March 20, 2018

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