The history of the Celtic Real Club, which in its next month of August is celebrating its first 95 years of going, will surely reserve an important place for Iago Aspas, one of the most outstanding players in wearing the blue jersey. And is that as you accumulate games, the Moaña does nothing more than add records in your particular account.

The last one got it this Saturday in Krasnodar with the goal that marked him to Tunisia and that allows him to equal Nolito as the Celta player who has achieved more goals with the Spanish national football team. Both have achieved five goals, although Sanlúcar counts one more he did against Albania while already on the payroll of Manchester City.

In his three years as a celeste, the now sevillista managed to debut with the national team scoring two goals to Bosnia and another pair to South Korea, plus one more to Turkey in the last European Championship. For his part, Iago started his international account in a big way – against England at Wembley, followed by a double to the modest Liechtenstein to close the goals of Argentina and Tunisia.

One more goal in the World Cup that is about to begin in Russia, would allow Aspas to move to lead alone the relationship of Celtic players who scored with Spain. And having left almost always from the bench, the Moaña has made five goals in nine appearances with Spain.

In terms of participations, Michel Salgado is the player who having belonged to Celta played more games with Spain; he did it 53 times, but only the first seven as a player in the Vigo squad since the rest went to Real Madrid. However Iago Aspas already accumulates two more, being two games of Juanfran and four of Nolito.

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June 11, 2018

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