Borussia Dortmund he has left in the summer with little sympathy points – and now not necessarily won what. Ousmane Dembelé justifies his first move to Barcelona.

Ousmane Dembelé and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have also got along well together away from the grass at times in Dortmund. Probably that was not related to the fact that both have adopted in almost the same way from BVB.

Dembelé had not appeared for training and had even worried the then coach Peter Bosz, because at first thought it might have happened. But the young Frenchman was just aiming to somehow push through his possible move to Barcelona.

“What else should I have done?”, Said the offensive man opposite “Onze Mondial” for the first time to his questionable method. “Should I have canceled Barça again? That would have been impossible for me.” A year earlier, the then 18 -year-old had decided against the offer of the Catalans, because he saw in Dortmund a better perspective.

“I would like to know how all the critics would have behaved if they had been in my place, I felt like I would miss the fulfillment of my great dream, so I acted that way, I stand by that.”

So far, Dembelé has only 275 minutes and two assists in La Liga, two heavier injuries had him long withdrawn from circulation.


March 2, 2018

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