Takashi Inui has confirmed this Wednesday in statements collected by various Japanese media what was an open secret: on May 20 he will play his last game in the Metropolitan Wanda with the Eibar shirt.

The Japanese end did not want to disclose that he will go to Betis, with which he has signed an agreement for the next three seasons, but he has explained the reasons that led him to make the decision to change airs.

“I’m going to play my last three games with Eibar, where I can not say now, but I do want to keep growing, it’s sad to leave Eibar after the moments I’ve lived and I think it could also grow here, but I know I can raise my level in a different place. ”

They are not being pleasant weeks for Inui, questioned by a sector of Ipurua for his poor performance as a result of knowing his departure from Eibar, but still is focused on “finishing well” his stage in the Catalan squad and to have a place in the announcement of Japan for the World Cup. “I’m worried about being with my team in Russia.”

The Eibar 8 seemed to have a secure place with the Japanese team, but was out of the last call. However, the arrival of the new coach, Akira Nishino, feeds his hopes of being in the World Cup. Inui wants to go out the big door of Ipurua and the World Cup is another incentive to leave with a good taste of Eibar.

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May 3, 2018

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