It is a charitable event where the benefits have gone to The Dream of Vicky, an association for childhood cancer research.

Esteban Granero left for a day his usual routine of training and games to celebrate the fifth edition of the Pirate Dinner, a charity event that every year destines the benefits to a different association.

The event, which took place this Thursday at the Casino de Madrid, was attended by Xabi Alonso, Florentino Pérez, Jordi Lardín and people from outside the world of football, such as singer Leiva, who added up to 280 guests. “We are going to try to make Vicky’s Dream a beautiful day to raise funds for medical research, I feel very proud, every year more people come and we have to get bigger sites …” said Granero about this project. It has been working for five years now.

The Madrid footballer also reviewed the current moment of Real Madrid, which sees favorite to win the Champions League. “I hope they are doing very well, they are the strongest team and I hope they get one more year,” he added.

“Antoine is an extraordinary player, I wish him every success, Madrid does not depend on me,” he said of Antoine Griezmann’s situation at Atlético de Madrid. About Xabi he did not extend beyond ensuring that for him he has always been an “example of integrity”.

After attending the media, they went up to the main hall of the Casino de Madrid where they tasted a cocktail menu designed by the prestigious chef Paco Roncero. Afterwards, auctions and raffles were held, from which all the profits obtained were allocated to the foundation ‘El Sueño de Vicky’, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting childhood cancer research.


March 22, 2018

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