The International Football Federation (FIFA) has promised to investigate Russian fans’ racist charges during a meeting between Russia and France on Tuesday.

France beat St. Petersburg’s Kylian Mbape and Paul Pogba gates in Russia from 3: 1, but unfortunately, Pogba and teammate Ousmane Demble, as a home-grown player in the hostile faction of the game, both gave way to racing slogans for gamers. According to French sports minister Laura Flessel, there is no such behavior in football: “Racism does not belong to the playground. We have to put an end to this kind of behavior both at European and world level.”

FIFA has allowed various reports and possible evidence to be collected on accusations.

According to Stanislav Chrtssessov, the head coach of the Russian football team, the problem with racism in Russia: “I think that we do not have so much problem with racism that we should fight it directly.”

However, the last one is one of many – in October, the European Football Association (UEFA) was punished by Moscow Spartak for racist behavior for fans of the Liverpool youth league.


March 30, 2018

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