To go through less positive moment at Manchester United, Paul Pogba found in the French national team a port of shelter. In praise of compatriot, Antoine Griezmann also left a council to the pupil of José Mourinho.

“He came to the national team with a big smile. I was happy. It’s not easy when you do not play in your club or you feel you’re not at the best level. I’ve already gone through it and he knows it, “said the Atletico Madrid player.

“Pogba continues to have fun and to work hard, that’s the most important thing. It is up to him to prove and show that he is still the player that everyone knows, “said Griezmann, concluding:

“The coach here [Didier Deschamps] trusts him, just like the whole team. We need a smiling, efficient Paul in the field. “


March 27, 2018

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