Player is being pressured to accept the tie to the Turkish club, which ponders to move him away from the pitch.

Talisca and Besiktas are making an iron arm about the future of the player in the Turkish club. According to local Press reports, the player has even been confronted with an ultimatum, with immediate influence on its use by the Istanbul emblem.

Besiktas will have informed the player that he will not return to the field until the end of the season if he does not accept the contractual proposal he received.

Besiktas intends to reach an agreement with the Brazilian and then trigger the right purchase option in the loan with Benfica and that sets the mandatory payment of 25 million euros, of which will be discounted four million paid to the incarnated for the two years of transfer. Only after having the “yes” of the middle will the leader of the black eagles travel to Lisbon to finalize the transfer.

Faced with the resistance of the player, even because Benfica have bigger proposals, Besiktas will have pushed the midfielder against the wall, threatening to leave the remainder of the season, in a move that could complicate his candidacy for the World Cup, as it is in the plans of Talisca, after to have been called to the writing for the next two games of preparation.


March 23, 2018

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