João Pedro Paiva Dos Santos reacted to A BOLA on the fact that Bruno de Carvalho was accused by the DIAP (Department of Investigation and Criminal Action) of Lisbon in a process that is still under investigation and in which a possible crime of defamation, deprivation of privacy, breach of correspondence or telecommunications and public instigation of crime by the leonine president.

“I just note that justice is doing its job and I am waiting serenely for the process to unfold. There is still no indictment, but I note that the justice is doing its job regardless of the name, position or position that occupies, “said Paiva dos Santos, also subject to disciplinary proceedings by the club’s Fiscal and Disciplinary Council.

On this subject, and stressing that it could not be extended in comments, the member of the lions denied that he had sent e-mails to Pedro Guerra. “I’ll try to answer … not being able to respond. I really liked it and enjoyed responding directly but I can not do it because of the process. But I say that I have never met Mr. Pedro Guerra anywhere, only on television. I have never been present or personally with him, “he said, adding that if the disciplinary process in the club dictates that he be expelled from an associate, the appeal will go to court:

‘I have doubts about the outcome of this case. If it is expelled it would be unjust even because there is nothing in the process, a document, a testimony, in which it is said that there has been some email to Pedro Guerra. Second point: sending e-mails to anyone does not violate the Statutes. If it is obviously expelled that this question will not end, it will be settled in its own place. Bruno de Carvalho only says that there is an e-mail because it interests him, to see if he expels me as a member. “


March 21, 2018

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