The Bosnian gave the Italian Cup final to the bianconeri with a penalty to Gasp: so Atalanta is his favorite victim.

Those six letters, Madama’s new nightmare, this time they sound less gloomy: r-i-g-o-r-e. The Juve edition 2017-18 has missed too many, it also carries the scars in the standings. But the last exultation from the spot came just against Atalanta: 15 days ago it was guaranteed, with a penalty, the umpteenth Italian Cup final, the fourth in four years.
miralem and the goddess – Miralem Pjanic resolved in the semi-final against Gasp. Today we reproduce a microclimate similar to that evening: a few degrees more, spring on the doorstep, but at the Stadium the demons of Gasperini return, with Pjanic holder in the middle. It is long and fruitful the relationship between Atalanta and Pjanic, even when he sees the Nerazzurri Mire seems particularly inspired: he scored the Goddess, his favorite victim together with Torino, twice in the Giallorossi (one on punishment) and twice in bianconero (always on penalty, always in the Italian Cup).
many want it – The headlights of the big Europeans are focused on him and, especially in England, more than one club has extended the antennas: possible offers in the summer, but at home Juve is not in question the sale. How the rigorist hierarchy is not in question. Max reiterated it: Dybala pulls them, even if Pjanic never misses them.


March 14, 2018

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