During Dijon-Nice the Italian striker had been sanctioned for protesting against racist chants. The commission dismissed the case, removing the penalty and without punishing the opposing club

No yellow. But the yellow remains. It is the small paradox of the Balotelli case, cleared by the disciplinary commission, which then dismissed the investigation into alleged racist insults. Those who in Dijon, February 10, triggered the reaction of Italian and therefore the admonition by the referee Rainville. Then provoking a trail of controversy with a lot of anti-racist associations, in defense of the attacker of Nice.

Threat – For the disciplinary committee there is however no responsibility on the part of the club of Burgundy on the episode that would have involved some fan. From these came insults to Balotelli who had reacted with a gesture of annoyance, immediately punished by Rainville. The Italian then protested, explaining that he had been insulted, and then threatened to leave the camp. On the report the race director then also noted the version of Balotelli, received yesterday in the committee. At the same time, however, the judges of the disciplinary preferred to file the investigation, without investigating whether or not there were insults that the competition director had not heard. At Balotelli, however, the yellow was canceled, as a red card had been picked up last year, once he had established that he had not reacted after a foul immediately, as initially the referee Lesage of Nice-Lorient had believed.


March 16, 2018

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