He is the only player of the 46 that make up the rosters of French and Croatians who did not live in the semifinals that both played 20 years ago.

The final France-Croatia has a very clear memory for both with the semi-final they played 20 years ago. The French, with two goals from Thuram, managed to overcome the initial of Suker and sneaked into the final.

It was the penultimate step of the whole ‘bleu’ towards the title and was a first international recognition for Croatia, formed as a federation just a few years before. The encounter is very remembered in both countries, as they were in charge of remembering, after their respective classifications, their two selectors.

20 years ago that and all, except a footballer, lived. This is Kylian Mbappe, born that same 1998 but in December, and therefore still with 19 years in this World Cup. Despite his youth is giving much to talk and has already broken several records. It was colossal against Argentina in the second round and returned to make a good game, not so bright, in the semifinal against Belgium.

France is the second youngest team in the World Cup with an average age of 25.5 years and, in case of proclaiming champion, would be the youngest since 1970. His most veteran footballer is substitute goalkeeper Mandanda, 33, so he was 13 when France eliminated Croatia in the semifinals of the World Cup 98. Now both teams are again measured, this time with Mbappé in the world.


July 12, 2018

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