Miguel Cardoso made this morning the preview of the reception to Feirense (Saturday, 16 hours), noting that he will try to keep the team on his own.

“It is essential to create a state of mind in which we are competitive, we have been regular in the ability to compete, regardless of some results in which we have suffered some goals,” he said.

Miguel Cardoso underlined that he works for «character building that allows to be competitive in all games:« I do not believe that playing badly brings teams closer to points, but rather plays well. We will try to rescue the soccer that Rio Ave has practiced and that did not succeed in Setúbal in the last game. We ended up being happy because our rivals also lost points. We will have a game with a different context, with a more physical Feirense and unfavorable weather conditions, we will try to impose our football and get a win, at home we have been happy in that aspect. ”

The coach will not be able to count on Marcão and Bruno Teles (punished), but he said that it is necessary to manage the squad. “It’s true that we like to have everyone available, but we even had to call the team B players. It’s the low we manage, we’ll have other options.”

On the other hand returns Marcelo, who will play. André Silva is injured, Leandrinho, Gelson Dala and Diego Lopes can still be an option.

Miguel Cardoso was also asked about the hypothesis of training Sportting next season: “As for that aspect is a non-subject.”


March 9, 2018

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