Juanjo Narvaez left on loan to Córdoba during the past winter transfer market, looking for the minutes he was not counting at Betis. The Colombian player, who is performing at a good level in his new destination, has been interviewed by ABC Córdoba, where he has analyzed the season he is living.

Everyone told me: “No, how are you going to Cordoba? Look how they are! “…

He did not perform as he expected at Betis: “I was given confidence, but the situation I think it could be with me.” When I saw myself in front of all those players I saw as a child, I think I did not show what I could really show. to go taking knowledge little by little and the day they return I hope to take the opportunity ”

His future: “Right now I belong to Betis and it’s too early to say what’s going to happen because I do not know what the club’s intentions are, now I have to try to finish the season as well as possible and then I’ll see what I decide.”

 … but I think I bet because they made me feel important since the summer; It has been a great step in my career ”

He has grown in Córdoba: “It has helped me to recover the confidence I had lost and above all to feel important and keep adding minutes.” Everyone was saying to me: “No, man, how are you going to Córdoba? how are you! “I think I bet because they made me feel important since the summer, it’s been a big step in my career”.

His arrival at Betis: “It meant a lot because it helped me take that step of playing in the First Division and he trusted me, I was in Betis Deportivo for two years but the option of making the jump to the first team was not realized. Setién gave me that jump and that opportunity, and that is to value “.

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May 10, 2018

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