Mayor of the League invited Bruno de Carvalho to attend the next Summit of Presidents

Bruno de Carvalho was not present at the first Summit of Presidents, on March 7, organized by the League, but Pedro Proença wants to see the leonine leader at the next meeting, scheduled for May 9.

The president of the League launched the challenge in his speech at the conference “The Future of Football” organized by Sporting, but the answer should not be positive, at least judging by the prediction of Nuno Saraiva.

The Lions communication director addressed the issue on Thursday night at Sporting TV and explained why the lions were not represented at the summit. “Sporting is not a hypocrite.” The president of the League went to the congress and before this intervention praised Sporting, said that it was fundamental and important, unavoidable in the decisions of Portuguese football. was concerned with regulations and communications, Sporting made two proposals that were admitted and when Bruno de Carvalho arrives is faced with a collusion between the G-15 clubs and the chairman of the AG Board of the League, which prevented Sporting from speaking “It is necessary coherence, there can be no censorship, as long as it is not openly clear what is the model of governance of the League … Who is in charge? Is the G-15? Pedro Proença? Sports societies? Or is a reform under way? AG of the League can not impose the will of some against the others, or the ideas of some over the others.There was a law of the cork for Sporting.As long as there is no clarification, the president of Sporting do not pair will participate in any meeting, where we know that those in charge are the representatives of a group of 15 clubs, which do not represent the majority of sports societies. They want to silence Sporting. The president of the League has to clarify very clearly what model of governance he wants to adopt, “he concluded.


March 23, 2018

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