The Greek Football High Level Disciplinary Board decided to fix a ban on entry into the three-year-old football stadium by imposing a ban on the entry of three-year-old football stadiums on the 11th of March in the Athens AEK and in Thessaloniki’s PAOK game with a gun.

A fine of EUR 100 000 was imposed on Savvidis by a decision.

On March 11, at a meeting between the Athens AEC and Thessaloniki PAOK, the judge left the PAOK unlatched before the end of the match, and the president of the club, who had the weapon in the wings, rushed among other players in the squad, Ivan Savvid. After the meeting, the goal was scored as a rule and PAOK was given a 1-0 victory.

With a score of 52 points on the second-placed PAOK in the handbook, three points were also taken by the Disciplinary Board, placing Thessaloniki’s club with 49 points in third place. Leader of the Athens AEK has gained 54 points.


March 30, 2018

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