The PSG fears that the elimination causes the exit of Neymar

The year that the best team has had the club, the team has fallen in the second round of the Champions League. Marquinhos has publicly asked him to stay.

Since the arrival of Al-Khelaifi to PSG, the club has spent a real fortune in bringing the best players in the world with one goal: to get the Champions League, a trophy that has been resisted since then, despite being usually the favorite of Ligue 1.


But the elimination of yesterday in the second round against Real Madrid again leaves the costumes and the fans, who are already asking for a major cleanup in the squad. But to this we must add the fear of losing to Neymar, who arrived as a star with the intention of making a name without being in the shadow of Messi but who will have it difficult to win the Golden Ball if they do not play an important role in the maximum European competition.
Neymar is playing really well in Paris, but the constant rumors about his possible move to Real Madrid in the future and the poor results in the Champions League could cause the Brazilian striker to decide to leave. At least, this is what one of his companions and compatriots, Marquinhos, fears.


The central confessed in an interview with L’Equipe that “it’s time to stay together” and that “the glory will come despite so much frustration.” However, he believes that the key lies in retaining the team star and he has called for his friend to remain with him next season: “Especially he asked him to stay, it’s time to take some time, grow up , mature and take power Neymar is an important player for us and must have confidence in our project, our team and our staff.


March 7, 2018

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