The Competition Committee has issued on the afternoon of Wednesday the list of cards perceived by the players in the last day of the League and José Luis Gayá appears as admonished in the section ‘Infractions of the rules of the game’.

Therefore Pedreguer’s lateral adds his fourth yellow card which causes that among the group of Valencian apperceived sanction if they see one more card.

The fact is that members of the club dropped the player last Sunday that was going to deal with this issue because the ball does not hit the arm and is the reason for such reprimand (The record reflects: “+ At minute 88 the player (14) Gaya Peña, Jose L was reprimanded for the following reason: Playing the ball with the arm cutting off a promising attack by the opposing team “).

Valencia has not filed any appeal for Gayá and therefore the 22 year old player accumulates the fourth card and is part of the group of apperceived from now on.


April 5, 2018

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