The staff of Málaga has had an unexpected visit this Tuesday, on their return to work: that of the Spanish Anti-Doping Agency. This does not understand sports performance but to safeguard the health of athletes. That is why they have gone through the facilities of the Ciudad de Málaga stadium for several blue and white players to pass the relevant controls.

The draw has determined that En-Nesyri, Lacen, Diego González, Torres, Roberto and Adrián were chosen to perform the blood and urine tests. Coincidence or not, the fact is that everyone has many options to be holders against Real Madrid on Sunday.

Lestienne and Kuzmanovic, tall

The team, meanwhile, has exercised for the first time this week that will end with the confrontation against Zidane on Sunday. The good news for José González is that he has been able to count on Lestienne and Kuzmanovic, already recovered from their respective annoyances and that prevented them from being in the Riazor meeting in the last day. They are not yet 100%, but it has given them to perform most of the session with the bulk of the group.

Those who are still in the infirmary are Recio, Juanpi, Peñaranda and Chory Castro. The latter, with his muscle injury in the femoral biceps of his right leg, is practically ruled out to play in the next matches. Although the medical tests that happened on Monday, once the inflammation in the area decreased, they ruled out the fibrillar rupture that the doctors saw in the first exploration, the contracture is too strong to think about that it arrives in conditions to the encounter of Sunday and even to Levante on Thursday.

Luis Hernández will be sanctioned

Without Chory and without Luis Hernandez, who will be low due to accumulation of cards, will have to face Malaga the next game. José had used the same starting eleven in the last three days, so he will be forced to modify it to seek victory against Madrid.


April 10, 2018

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