The president of the Arbitration Council of the Portuguese football federation, José Fontelas Gomes, during the congress “The Future of Football”, believes that the VAR is a success and that they are on the right track.

«VAR: The project has been very successful, not always as we wanted, as we have noticed in some cases, but we are certainly on the right track, we have done everything we can to improve the experience with this tool. From the beginning we have been discussing the presence, the FPF was the first to talk about the experience, we are very proud in front of this project and so we will continue to work. We did offline games, private tournaments organized by the FPF so that the referees were prepared to start the League. We have been training League clubs, the media, our operators and our referees. We continue with this training three days a week and we are better prepared than we were at the beginning. It is a continuous work that FPF will not fail to do nor to strive to improve. We decided to use top referees, I Division, for ongoing contact with updates, instructions from the Arbitration Council and UEFA. These are the referees who should be part of this lot and perform VAR function in this project. The future will be their specialization, they will have better qualities in their functions, “said José Fontelas Gomes.

He then revealed data on the VAR.

“So far there have been 243 games in the league, 1575 clips viewed, 514 reports. There were 79 reviews in 243 games: 57 were reversed. In an analysis, there were fewer yellow cards, more red cards, fewer fouls, more penalties, more goals, more assistance. More ability to analyze penalty situations and out of play. Now there are more ideas to put into practice in the future. “


March 21, 2018

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