With Nicolas disqualified, the goalkeeper made his debut in the league after playing in the Italian Cup: from 2014 to 2017 he dressed the shirt of Leeds

Benevento touches him. Tomorrow the Hellas goes to Vigorito to play a substantial slice of their chances of salvation. For Marco Silvestri, with Nicolas disqualified for the expulsion remedied in the final match against Inter, it is time to debut in the league. Always on the bench, this time the yellow-blue door will be his. He will have to prove that he is the right man in the right place, as he has already done, during this season.

ENGLISH – Del Verona is the other “English”. The passport is Rolando Aarons, arrived in January from Newcastle. For football experiences, the affinity with the Queen’s subjects also applies to Silvestri, who played for three years in Leeds United. From 2014 to 2017, with 98 appearances gathered between League Championship, FA Cup and League Cup, Silvestri has gained ample space, with the exception of the last season, mostly lived in the case of reinforcements. Hence the decision to return to Italy, in the face of Verona’s offer, with which he signed a four-year contract, expiring on 30 June 2021. The internal hierarchies between the doormen of Hellas have not changed; Nicolas has always remained the regular holder, so much so that so far he has not even missed 1 ‘. Silvestri, however, knew how to be ready when he was called, an attitude to be confirmed with Benevento.

MAN DERBY – The debut with Verona, in fact, there has already been, in the Italian Cup. On November 29th, in the fourth round match against Chievo, his interventions pushed Hellas forward. Decisive already in the regular times and then in the extra time, closed on 1-1, Silvestri has earned the recognition of a man derby with the intervention with which he rejected, on penalties, the shot of Sergio Pellissier. In the opposite direction, a “goal” of the former, for him, that from Chievo has passed, from 2010 to 2014, without debuting in A, always shot on loan, until the transfer to Leeds. In the Cup game there were also chants of dereliction against him by the Chievo fans, who had not liked his declarations to the landing at Verona. Things that happen everywhere. So much so, Silvestri replied by repeating the conclusion of Pellissier and delivering the pass to the Hellas for the second round with Milan. At San Siro, however, the story was different: Gialloblù defeated 3-0 and Silvestri, from then on, waited on the bench.

FOR DAVID – It will be, in Benevento, a special day for the Verona goalkeeper. Of course, there will be the first starting shirt with Hellas, to wear in a delicate race like that with the Giallorossi. Even more, Silvestri will think of Davide Astori. The sudden disappearance of the captain of Fiorentina led to the postponement of all matches on March 4, including the meeting of Vigorito. With Astori he had played in Cagliari, Marco Silvestri. Chievo had traded it with Agazzi in the market in January 2014. In Sardinia he played his first match in A: 1-0 at Parma on April 27th, and he was well protected thanks to Davide’s advice. When Astori went out, Silvestri gave him a thought moved by the web: “My first parade in Serie A was thanks to you: Cassano’s punishment from the edge, you came towards me and you told me” Stand on your pole, pulls you there. “I listened to you, you were my captain, Cassano pulls it right there and paro! And the first to congratulate me was you, you said” Bravo cat! “Today I cried. With Benevento, again in Serie A, any gesture by Marco will be in the name of David.


April 3, 2018

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