Captain’s word. Player with an important weight in the dressing room. Vicente Gómez attended the media after the team’s training. The canterano highlighted the importance of Sunday’s game in Valencia.

They do not lower their arms: “We have to believe because there are points at stake and because in our flesh we have suffered complicated situations, we have to hold on, I am an optimist, as long as there are options, we have to believe, we are going to play a game that is a final. Do not believe, we would set you apart, we are all playing a lot, right now, I just want to have optimistic people by my side. ”

Confidence in the team: “In this type of games I try to think that we are in the First Division because we have won it, we have to improve in all facets, above all, in the head. You can not throw in the towel, the feeling is that everybody wants the game to be played, I’m convinced that we’re going to win, I think they’re going to think that the draw will be worth it and that’s something what we have to grab. ”

Bad season of the team: “We ourselves have won the pessimism that we live in. We have not made the cut, what I am clear about is that we can not lose, we have to win, on my horizon there is nothing but bringing the three points for home”.

Atmosphere: “I understand what is happening, I get away from the negative, I look for positive things and I reinforce that playing these types of games a few years ago was a dream, we are athletes and we have to face it. talk and start winning, people can not be told anything else, if we beat Levante, people will come up. ”

It will be key to mark first: “Honestly, we have to get ahead and then be calm, we can get into many hypotheses about how the match can be played, we are working this week to stop things that they do very well, but the latest results It has given us peace of mind when it comes to playing, we have to be very clear with what we play, we are running out of time and we have to react, good players come to light on these occasions. ”

It is only worth winning: “If the situation were the other way around, you could think that a draw would be good for us Now we have to get three points and take a step forward Winning on Sunday would be a hit on the table, bring us the three points would suppose much in the mood, we would have a game at home and they would be a complicated one, in case of defeat it would be very very complicated, victory is important, but if we win on Sunday we are not saved and we are not descended. team is to go win. ”

A final: “We no longer have anything to lose, or little to lose, and a lot to win, the situation is, or strips forward, or things are going to get very complicated.” This is the most important match in Las Palmas in the last years”.

Levante: “More than order, they have gained tranquility, winning Getafe day and winning that way, gave them a lot of peace, maybe that’s what we missed, thinking that the draw could be good for them, I I think it will be better for us. “


April 5, 2018

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