The surprise of Roma has made the bookmakers give the Zinedine Zidane team as the most likely to win the title.

The bump of Barcelona and the surprise of the elimination of Manchester City have eliminated two tough rivals in the face of the Champions League title. Six teams live in the competition, although two will be out today. The bookmakers have restructured their quotas, since until a few days ago Barcelona was the favorite to take the title and Manchester City the fifth favorite.

After this turn of events, now is Real Madrid the most reliable candidate to win the Champions League. 

The second candidate for the title would be Bayern Munich, with an average quota of 3.00 points. The Heynckes still have to certify their pass against Sevilla despite having won in the first leg 1-2.

Third on the list is Liverpool, who after defeating the City of Pep Guardiola. Finish champion in Kiev is paid at 4.21 euros for each one played. From there, there would be a big difference with the rest.

Fourth is Roma despite having already eliminated their tie while Bayern and Madrid are still waiting to close their crosses. It is not enough to go to Barcelona to be on the podium, although all the betting houses coincide in a quota of 11 points.

The jump is even more remarkable with the fifth favorite. Sevilla does not have a marker as adverse as the rest of the rivals who lost in the first leg but in spite of that they do not seem to inspire much confidence, since their victory in the European top competition is paid at an average of 136 euros for each euro bet

Juventus, who have yet to play the second leg against Real Madrid, are the worst positioned in the ranking. You can earn up to 161 euros for each invested if those of Massimiliano Allegri came to conquer the Champions League.


April 11, 2018

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